Every step Dominic took

General Chapter Chronicle 1
Every step Dominic took

Day 1 – 16/07 - The Candlelight Procession

The view from the hills over Bologna is always charming, especially on a Friday evening. The winds had swept all the clouds and the humid fog of the summer away. The air was clean and crystal clear, exactly as the medieval air which should have helped our father Dominic. But, alas, he was about to die!

His brethren climbed up to the top of Colle dell'Osservanza (the Observation Hill), where Dominic was guest of the local Benedictine abbey, to carry him down to his dear priory on their shoulders. If he had to depart, then it should happen in the company of his spiritual sons, the friars preachers.

This time the steep ascent to the Osservanza has been much more comfortable due to the help of some buses, which carried the heavy load of about 150 brothers and sisters, the young and the old, big and small alike. Among them were the capitulars friars and the young #thewalkingdom friars and sisters, who were concluding their long pilgrimage by following the steps of the very last journey of Dominic.

At the top of the hill, at sunset, the Dominicans gathered to chant some ancient traditional hymns and those of Taizé, to read the legends of the Order and to listen to an historical account given by a local guide. Then, fr Bruno, Master of the Order, gave a short encouraging speech. Candles covered with papers were lit, and the Dominican group began its descent, slower or faster according to the slope and their pace.

The rite was concluded with Compline at the tomb of our Blessed Father St Dominic. Afterwards the friars went to sleep, except those who visited the pubs of Bologna looking for a beer or an inn-keeper to convert, preferably both.

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