Fr Bruno Cadoré Visits Karachi Monastery

Monastery of the Angels of the Dominican Nuns in Karachi, Pakistan

During his visitation of the Vice Province of Pakistan (1-9 December 2015 ) fr Bruno Cadoré took several hours off to visit the Monastery of the Angels of the Dominican Nuns in Karachi, Pakistan. He was accompanied by Fr. Orlando Rueda, Socius for Apostolic life, Fr. Vincent Lu Ha, Socius for Asia Pacific, Fr. Pascal Paulus, Vice Provincial of Pakistan, Fr. Thomas Bhatti, Superior of the Karachi House at the National Seminary of Christ the King and Fr. Maris Javed, Master of Students.

The group arrived for Sext at the Monastery. Due to his tight schedule, Fr. Bruno could not celebrate the Eucharist with the nuns. Together with his companions, he entered the enclosure and visited with the nuns in the community room for about an hour, after which the whole group had lunch prepared by the nuns. The time passing so quickly, the Master had to leave for the Airport for his flight to Punjab in continuation of his visitation.

The Monastery of the Angels was found in 1959 from the Monastery of the Angels in Los Angeles, California. At present, there are ten professed nuns and two second year novices in the community. The Monastery has witnessed the growth of the Dominican presence in Pakistan to the glory of God.

Dominican Nuns - Karachi.


(25 January 2016)