Fr Bruno is honoured as a “Chief” at Ibadan, Nigeria

Canonical Visitation to the Province of Nigeria and Ghana by fr Bruno Cadoré, OP
Chief Gabriel Samba, Chief Bruno Cadoré and Chief Michael Mascari

In continuation of his canonical visitation to the Province of Nigeria and Ghana, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadore, accompanied by frs Gabriel Samba (Socius for Africa) and Michael Mascari (Socius for Intellectual Life), was at the Priory of St Thomas Aquinas, Ibadan from the 10th to the 14th of December 2014.

The Priory of St Thomas Aquinas, Ibadan is the Provincial House of Formation. It is a unique convent because it encompasses the Pre-novitiate, Novitiate, Studentate and the Provincial Philosophy and Theology Institute, all operating from different parts of the large compound.  These bring the total number of brothers in the convent (pre-novices, novices, students, formators, lecturers and administrators at the Institutes) to about a hundred at its peak.

At his inaugural speech to the brothers, fr Bruno insisted that he came to sit and dialogue with each brother and this was what he succeeded in doing. He also met with different groups in the formation house and at the Institute.

The Province is at the verge of obtaining a licence to run a university (Dominican University, Ibadan) and the Master took particular interest in this laudable project. Apart from meeting with the committee responsible for the project, he also visited the permanent site of the proposed university.

From outside the convent, the Master met with Lay Dominican Fraternities and the Dominican Youths. At the end of his visit, he presided at the Conventual Mass on Sunday with the attendance of members of the lay faithful.

To crown the entire joyful, fraternal and enriching experience, fr Bruno and his companions were honoured with a “Chieftaincy title” by the brothers. This is a gesture of honour traditionally given to persons of high repute in recognition of their good works and achievements. This is therefore in appreciation of the good works the Master and his socii are doing for the Order and the entire Church. With this title, these brothers could rightly be called; “Chief Bruno Cadoré”, “Chief Gabriel Samba” and “Chief Michael Mascari”.

For pictures of the Canonical Visitation to Nigeria, click here.

fr Okechukwu P. Onyenuru, OP


(24 December 2014)