Fr Fausto Arici has been reelected as the Provincial of the Province of St Dominic in Italy

fra Fausto Arici, op

The Capitular friars of the Province of St Dominic in Italy gathered at the Convent of St Dominic in Bologna have reelected fr Fausto Umberto Arici as their Prior Provincial for the second term. Fr Bruno Cadoré, the Master of the Order has confirmed the election and fr Fausto has accepted.

Fr Fausto was born in Castendolo, Brescia (northern Italy) in 1972. He entered the Order in 1998 and after his novitiate, he made his first religious profession the following year. Following the successfully completion of his initial formation, he was ordained to the priesthood in 2005. After his ordination, he studied further and obtained a Licentiate in Theology and a Doctorate in the History of Political Thoughts.

He has been a lecturer at the Facoltà Teologica dell'Emilia-Romagna, the interprovincial institute of Philosophical studies of the Provinces of Italy and Malta located at Bologna. He was the Director of the Institute of Religious Science “Ss. Vitale e Agricola” in Bologna and the President of the Congregation of the "Servi della Eterna Sapienza".


(07 July 2017)