Fr Rui Lopes Visits the Provincial Council of the Dominican Laity in Rome

Provincial Council of the Dominican Laity in Rome

On Saturday the 8th of February, the General Promoter of the Laity, fr Rui Lopes had a fraternal meeting with the Provincial Council of the Dominican Laity of the Province of St Catherina of Siena in Rome, at the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

Fr Rui who joined the concluding part of the meeting was welcomed by the president, Dr Pier Giorgio Imbrighi. In his presence, the Council discussed the report of the National Council of the Dominican Laity in Italy, the next Assembly of the European Council of the Dominican Laity Fraternities (ECDLF) at Bologna and the positive results of the presence of the fraternity on the web.

The Council presented the report of its activities on the web (its official website and Facebook page) and its projections for the future. The new website of the fraternity has an average of 70 views daily and a total of 500 friends on the Facebook page. Through the webpage, the fraternity has witnessed an increase in the number of prospective members. Fr Rui thanked the Council for their presence on the web and for the encouraging results.

In his round of visits, the Promoter will visit the fraternity of "Saint Catherine of Siena" at San Sisto on February 9 and on February 14, he will be the guest of the fraternity at "Santa Maria del Rosario."

At the request of the Council, fr Rui sent a video message to all the laity in the Province.

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(11 February 2014)