Fr Stjepan Krasic has been elected as a member of the International Academy of Engineering

Fr Stjepan Krasic

The Croatian Dominican, fr Stjepan Krasic has been unanimously elected as a member of the International Academy of Engineering on the 22nd of October 2015 at the 26th Danube Adria Association for Automation and Manufacturing International Symposium and the 4th DAAAM International Doctoral School of the University of Zadar, Croatia. In the presence of representatives of several national and international academic institutions, the new members of the Academy were elected from different countries, including fr Stjepan, the only cleric.

Unlike the other members who were elected based on their distinguished academic work in engineering and technology, fr Stjepan was honoured because of his distinguished studies in the Humanities which has uncovered many hitherto unknown aspects of the history of engineering and technology.

At the end of the ceremony, fr Stjepan gave the keynote address in Latin on the significance of technology on the human life. In his address, he underlined the positive and negative aspects of technology, stressed on the importance of responsibility in its usage and affirmed the primacy of ethics over technology. His address elicited the enthusiasm of those present because of the language which awakened the two millennia old Western culture and science. 

Fr Stjepan was a professor of Church History at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) Rome for over 35years. At present, he lives at Dubrovnik (Croatia) as a professor emeritus of Dubrovnik International University.

Inauguration of new members of International Academy of Engineering – Central European Branch. New Members – from left: Professor Toni Bielic, Professor Heinz Brandl, Professor Stjepan Krasic and Professor Valentin Pryanichnikov with Rector Dijana Vican, and academicians Branko Katalinic, Ante Uglesic and Ilija Cosic


(16 November 2015)