Fundamental Documents for Hungarian Lay Dominican Fraternities

Fundamental Documents for Hungarian Lay Dominican Fraternities

During the Year of the Jubilee the Lay Dominicans of Hungarian prepared and published the booklet of ‘The Fundamental Documents for Saint Dominic’s Hungarian Lay Dominican Fraternities’.

Nikolett Murányi, the Formation Officer for Saint Dominic’s Hungarian Lay Dominican Fraternities, tells: “The goal of this project was to put a compass into the hands of people on our way, following in the footsteps of Saint Dominic.

You can see a textile artist’s work on the cover: showing the symbolic signs of our Order and the beautiful heavenly fragrance coming from Saint Dominic’s tomb.

The recommendation was written by Fr. Bertalan Szabó OP, Promoter for the Laity in our Vicariate. The prologue was written by me.

I made the translation of the English texts of the Rule and the Liturgy book into Hungarian. This is the first time that we have had such a book containing all of our fundamental documents. The whole editorial work was done and financed by the Lay Dominicans themselves. Thanks to Fr. David Kammler OP, who provided advice supporting our work.

This book consists of 5 chapters:


The new revised Hungarian translation of the RULE for the Dominican Laity, which was done based on the renewed English translation from Latin – this project was initiated by Fr. Jerry Stookey OP, and was finalized by Fr. David Kammler OP and published with his introduction in 2007.


The Hungarian translation of the LITURGY BOOK (Rite) which is part of the Proprium – based on the English translation from 2002. It has never been translated into Hungarian before.


The Directory for the Hungarian Vicariate was renewed according to the revised Rule and also taking into consideration the comments of our Hungarian Lay Dominican fraternities.

It was approved on 3 levels:

 – 1st: it was approved by the Lay Dominican Council of the Hungarian Vicariate.

 – 2nd: Fr. Mate Barna OP, Vicar of Hungary approved it

 – 3rd: Fr. Johannes Bunnenberg OP, Provincial of Teutonia approved it


Our renewed FORMATION PLAN was approved by the Lay Dominican Council of the Hungarian Vicariate. It contains the suggested readings on 3 different levels for the Laity, and there are proposals also on how to lead the formation discussions.


The collection of all of the existing contemporary Dominican prayers and songs used in Hungarian, except the breviary.

Now each member of Saint Dominic’s Hungarian Lay Dominican Fraternities has a copy of this book, which hopefully will be a good tool to strengthen our dedication to the Order.”


(14 March 2017)