A gathering of Formators in Central and Eastern Europe

A gathering of Formators in Central and Eastern Europe

An exploratory meeting was held in Vienna on 20 January to consider the possibility of starting a regular meeting of formators in Central and Eastern Europe, the only region of the Order that does not have such a regular meeting.

There are many novices and students in formation in this region and there is increasing collaboration among its provinces. A regular meeting would support the brothers asked to take up this ministry, would help to form them as formators, and would strengthen relationships between the provinces.

The brothers agreed that such a meeting would be established, that it would meet each year over a 'long weekend', and that it would include not just the novice masters and student masters of the region but also their assistants, the promoters of vocations, and the directors of pre-novitiate programmes. Many thanks to the community of Vienna for their fraternal welcome and generous hospitality.

The brothers who attended this exploratory meeting were fr Vivian Boland, socius for fraternal life and formation, fr Piotr (Krakow, translating), fr Jakub Kruczek, student master in Krakow (Poland), fr Krzysztof Poplawski, regional socius, fr Reginald Slavkovsky, novice master in Zvolen (Slovakia), fr Laurentius Hoehn, novice master in Worms (Teotonia), fr Domagoj Polanscak, student master in Zagreb (Croatia) and fr Gunther Rietzi, student master in Vienna (South Germany and Austria).

(23 January 2018)