General Assembly of the Vicariate of Eastern Africa


The Provincial Vicariate of Eastern Africa held its General Assembly from July 28 to August 2, 2013 at the Ukarimu Centre in Molo, Kenya. The Assembly took place in the presence of fr Brian Mulcahy, Prior Provincial of St. Joseph Province, New York, USA – the mother province of the Vicariate. He was accompanied by fr Ken Letoile, Prior of the House of Studies in Washington and member of the Provincial Council. Fr Ken was the facilitator of the Assembly.

During the Assembly the brothers discussed all that pertains to the fraternal and apostolic life and the administration of the Vicariate. At the close of the Assembly, fr Brian made some important remarks on the life of the Vicariate. He invited the brothers to reflect on the future of the Vicariate in the next year, in preparation for the next General Assembly of 2014.

It was a privilege and an honour for the brothers to have fr Brian at the Assembly, this is his fourth visit to the Vicariate since his election as Provincial in 2010. Fr Brian came as the Provincial, in his role of service and support, to strengthen the fraternal bonds and to share in the hopes and dreams for the future of the Vicariate. He came also to learn from the brothers and to listen to their challenges and difficulties.

Fr Brian expressed great joy for the opportunity to return to Africa in his capacity as Provincial. He said he feels very much at home among the brothers, since he was born on and spent a good part of his early years in various parts of Africa. He said he can easily imagine himself coming back to life and work with the brothers in a different capacity – but not right away!

You are welcome, brother!

Fr. Gabriel Samba, op
(09 September 2013)