Giorgio La Pira towards the process of beatification



Dear brothers,
I have the immense joy of communicating to you the news that this morning the Holy Father authorized the Congregation of the Saints to promulgate the
Decree concerning the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Giorgio La Pira, Dominican lay person;
 born in Pozzallo (Italy) on 9 January 1904 and died in Florence (Italy) on 5 November 1977; politician among the most important of the post-war period.
Gianni Festa, O.P.
Postulatore Generale




The Pope signed the decree on the heroic virtues
of the “holy mayor” of Florence committed to peace in the world

Giorgio La Pira

Pubblicato il 05/07/2018

First step in the process of beatification of Giorgio La Pira (1904-1977). Pope Francis has authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the decree concerning the heroic virtues of the “holy mayor” of Florence.  


A lawyer and politician, born in Pozzallo, Sicily, in 1904, as a young animator of Catholic Action, La Pira arrived in Florence in 1926 to graduate in law and remained for his entire life in the Tuscan capital, as a professor of Roman law since 1933. A Christian Democrat member of the Constituent Assembly, then a member of Parliament, and State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor (1948-49), La Pira was then, for two terms, mayor of Florence, from 1951 to 1957 and from 1961 to 1966He was known well beyond the Florentine borders for his evangelical inspired social battles and for his promoting peace events, such as the one that in 1965 brought him to North Vietnam, or the dream of the Mediterranean as a “great lake of Tiberias” or the commitment in favor of countries in the process of decolonization.  


John Paul II recalled La Pira several times, as when, for example in 2004, he pointed out his “extraordinary experience as a politician and a believer, capable of uniting contemplation and prayer to social and administrative activity, with a preference for the poor and the suffering”. As Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, who met La Pira and referred on several occasions to the mayor of Florence as an example, wrote, “one cannot understand him without considering his mystical vocation, profused in depth and in mercy”.  


The cause for beatification of La Pira was opened at the diocesan level in Florence in 1986 and was closed in 2005. Now, with the signature of Pope Francis, the “servant of God” La Pira becomes “venerable” and the process takes a crucial step forward.  

In addition to La Pira, during the audience Francis granted today to Cardinal Angelo Amato, outgoing Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Francis authorized the Vatican department to promulgate decrees concerning the heroic virtues of the Italian Pietro Di Vitale (1916-1940), Alessia González-Barros y González (1971-1985), a Spanish girl who died at the age of 14, and Carlo Acutis, a young girl born in England who died of leukemia at the age of 15 in Monza (1991-2006).