An Historic Cooperator Brothers Meeting

cooperator brothes meeting 2012

An historic meeting of the Cooperator Brothers from all the four provinces in the USA was held at St. Albert Priory in Oakland, California March 30-April 1, 2012. This was the first in a series of regional meetings to take place in all provinces of the world. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the Cooperator Brother vocation and to make recommendations to the Master General, who commissioned that these meetings be held by the Brothers in order to investigate the drastic decline in numbers in recent years. It is the hope that all information collected will be reviewed and discussed at a future international congress on the Cooperator Brother vocation. The meeting was presided over by commissioners selected from the four provinces, St Albert the Great (Central), St Joseph (East), St Martin de Porres (South) and the Most Holy Name of Jesus (West). Much thought on a wide variety of topics were shared and discussed by the participants.

This is only the beginning of a process that is expected to take several years to complete. It is the hope of the Master that each brother in the world be given an opportunity for input on this important topic through regional meeting, like this one, or individual interviews if the brother is unable to assemble with others. It will be of particular interest to review data from different countries and analyze how different cultures respond to the questions given to us from the Master and his staff. We pray for the success of these meetings and that the information gathered may help to enliven this valuable vocation and provide a catalyst for a general renewal of the entire Dominican family.

By: Br. Gabriel Dault, O.P.