IEOP General Assembly – Dublin 2014

IEOP General Assembly – Dublin 2014

The Annual Assembly of Provincials and Vicars of the entities of the Order throughout Europe was held in Dublin during Easter Week (22nd - 26th April). Hosted by fr. Gregory Carroll, Prior Provincial of the Irish Province, the assembly gathered at the conference centre of All Hallows College, on the north side of Dublin.

The twenty seven brothers representing their provinces and vicariates were: Fr. Francisco Javier Carballo (Prov. Hispaniae), fr. Gilbert Narcisse (Prov. Tolosana), fr. Michel Lachenaud (Prov. Franciae), fr. Fausto Arici (Prov. S. Dominici in Italia), fr. Francesco La Vecchia (Prov. S. Thomae Aq. in Italia), fr. Máté Barna (Vic. Gen. Hungariae), fr. Johannes Bunnenberg (Prov. Teutoniae), fr. John Farrell (Prov. Angliae), fr. Paweł Kozacki (Prov. Poloniae), fr. Martín Gelabert Ballester (Prov. Aragoniae), fr. Benedikt Tomaš Mohelník (Prov. Bohemiae), fr. Anto Gavrić (Prov. Croatica), fr. Pdero da Cruz Fernandes (Prov. Portugalliae), fr. Miguel De Burgos Nuñez (Prov. Beticae), fr. René Dinklo (Prov Neerlandiae), fr. Gregory Carroll (Prov. Hiberniae), fr Marcel Braekers (Prov. S. Rosae in Flandria), fr. Francis Micallef (Prov. S. Pii V Melitensis), fr Christophe Holzer (Prov. S. Alberti Magni), fr. Didier Boillat (Prov. Helvetica), fr. Michel Van Aerde (Vice Prov. S. Thomas Aq. in Belgio), fr. Jacek Dudka (Vic. Gen. Russiae et Ucrainae), fr. Reginald Adrián Slavkovsky (Prov. Slovachiae), fr. Pedro Juan Alonso Merino (Vic. Reg. Dominae Nostrae de Rosario), fr. Alberto Fabio Ambrosio (Vic. Prov. in Rep. Turcanum), fr. Ivan Arzenšek (Vic. Prov. Sloveniae), fr. Paul-Dominique Masiclat (Vic. Prov. Daciae).

Six brothers and sisters assisted the assembly with an excellent translation service in the official languages of the Order:  Sr. Marie Laetitia Youchtchenko, Sr. Marie-Theo Manaud, fr. Mario Jabares, fr Alejandro Crosthwaite, fr. Jean-Ariel Bauza-Salinas, fr. Philip McShane. The assembly secretary was fr. Seamus Tuohy of the host province.

Five members of the General Curia also participated in the Assembly:  fr. Bruno Cadoré (Master of the Order), fr. Prakash A. Lohale  (Soc. pro Vita Apostolica), fr. Michael Mascari (Soc. pro Vita Intellectuali), fr. Wojciech Delik (Soc. pro Prov. in Europa centrali et orientali), fr. Vivian Boland (Soc. pro Prov. in Europa septentrioccidentali et pro Initiali Institutione).

The topic for discussion at this year’s assembly was “The Intellectual Mission of the Dominican Order in Europe” and two guest speakers were present to address the assembly on this topic: fr. Liam Walsh (Prov. Hiberniae) and fr. Konštanc Adam (Rector, PUST, Rome). Fr. Michael Mascari and fr. Gerard Norton (Prov. Hiberniae) updated the provincials on the Chapter of Trogir in regard to the Studies and the implementation of the Acts of this Chapter. 

On Friday morning the Master, fr. Bruno, addressed the assembly on the topic of ‘Study as Mission’, an essential aspect of our preaching, on the need for collaboration at many levels in this mission among the European provinces, on the redefinition of our objectives in maintaining institutions for study and research, and our service to other entities of the Order which do not have the resources that are available to our brothers in Europe.  Fr. Michel Van Aerde addressed the assembly on the recent developments of the DOMUNI project. The assembly also allowed plenty of time for plenary discussion on the general topic of this year.

The assembly elected three members for a three year term to the IEOP Bureau: fr. Fausto Arici (Prov. S. Dominici in Italia); fr. Johannes Bunnenberg (Prov. Teutonia) and fr. Michel Van Aerde (Vice Prov. S. Thomas Aq. in Belgio). It was also agreed that the 2015 Assembly will take place at the convent of Madonna dell’Arco, Naples, hosted by fr. Francesco La Vecchia (Prov. S. Thomae Aq. in Italia).

Apart from the business of the assembly, the participating brothers and sisters celebrated the liturgy of the Easter Octave together in English, Spanish and French. The participants also had some opportunity to relax and to enjoy each other’s company in the exceptionally good weather of this Easter week.  On Thursday afternoon the participants made an excursion to visit the fascinating megalithic site at Newgrange and Knowth in Co. Meath, and then on view the 9th Century Christian High Crosses at Monasterboice in Co. Louth, and returned via Drogheda, where the group joined the community of Dominican Nuns at Siena Monastery for Vespers, followed by a most convivial supper together with the Nuns.  On Friday evening, the participants visited the Irish Dominican Studentate community at St. Saviour’s, Dublin, to pray Vespers together with the brothers there, followed by supper in the convent.

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(26 April 2014)