Improving our own way of preaching through the experiences of the others

Dominican Family in Kenya

On the occasion of the canonical visitation of the Provincial Vicariate of Eastern Africa (from 11-15 December 2016), the Master of the Order met with the Dominican Family in Kenya, on Monday, 12th December 2016. Friars, Nuns, Sisters, Laity and Youth gathered at Corpus Christi Dominican monastery, Karen, Nairobi for the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Bro Bruno Cadoré, and the sharing of their preaching experiences. Mr. Jean-Claude Loba Mkole, OP of St Catherine of Siena Fraternity, Nairobi summaries for us, the address of the Master of the Order.

After listening to the experiences of the different branches of the Dominican Family in Kenya, Br Bruno gave a word of encouragement with the following points:

Supporting the Church Mission of Evangelisation

Evangelisation is the mission of the Church. In other words, the Church is called to evangelize. Similarly, Dominicans are called to support - through preaching - the Church in her mission of evangelization. Dominicans ought to help the Church understand what she is and become what she is by evangelisation. In the context of the world today, evangelizing entails showing mercy and compassion by being more sensitive to the need of the neighbours and especially the less privileged. Some situations of misery call for more justice and as Dominicans we are called to involve ourselves in actions for justice and peace.

Dominican Ways of Preaching

Dominican Family has different branches and different personalities. The way a Dominican Nun, Friar, Sister, Laity or Youth preaches differs from one another, since each person preaches according to her or his state of life. All the ways of preaching are equally important and complementary. For example, through his/her witness in a secular world, the laity and the youth extend the preaching in the areas that the nuns, friars or sisters may not reach while the nuns for instance are sustaining the preaching by unceasing prayers. In all, a Dominican way of preaching derives from the Spirit of mercy and compassion as St Dominic had shown us; at the same time it is a school of mercy and compassion where the Dominicans learn how to practice those Christ like virtues.

Improving the Dominican Way of Preaching

When members of different Dominican branches meet and share their preaching experience, each one gets the opportunity of improving his or her own way of preaching through the way of the others. As a matter of fact, each Dominican was impressed by the reports shared by the representatives of other Dominican branches and that was a motivation and encouragement for each one to improve his or her way of preaching in the light of what others are doing. Besides, the Congress for the mission of the Order which will take place in Rome, in January 2017, on the occasion of the closing of the Jubilee of 800 years of the confirmation of the Order of Preachers, that about 500 delegates worldwide are expected to attend will be a venue of exploring together more appropriate ways of carrying out our mission of preaching in the world of today.

Particular Dominican Apostolate and Dominican Family Apostolate

Where two or three Dominicans are preaching, they represent the whole Dominican Family and the whole Dominican Family is preaching with them. No community however small it is should consider its preaching activities as isolated from the whole Family. What we are and do individually or in group is integral part of the Family.

Mr. Jean-Claude Loba Mkole, OP.