The International Board of the Dominican Family and Jubilee 2016


The General Chapter of Trogir especially recommended that all branches of the Dominican Family were included in the celebration of the Dominican Jubilee. This recommendation of the Chapter has been echoed in many provinces where several liturgical celebrations, academic events and other activities of the Jubilee are being prepared and developed by the structures that represent the Dominican Family.

Within this dynamic, the Master of the Order requested the International Board of the Dominican Family gathered in Santa Sabina on September 13th, to constitute also the Steering Committee of the Jubilee. This will allow structures of animation of the Dominican Nuns (International Commission), the Sisters of Apostolic Life (DSI), Secular Institutes the Order, the Dominican Laity (ICLDF) and IDYM to serve as a channel of communication and coordination for the various activities of the Jubilee Year.

We hope that, increasingly, the spirit of metanoia and renewal that inspires the Dominican Jubilee be shared by all members of the Family of Preachers.