The International Congress on Indigenous People

25 to 28 August 2016 at Casa Véritas, Guatalama
The International Congress on Indigenous People

The International Congress on Inigenous Peoples will take place during the Jubilee of the 800th Anniversary of the confirmation of the Order of Preachers. Over the last two General Chapters of Rome 2010 and of Trogir 2013, forums of mission have been defined. One of them is the forum of indigenous peoples. As part of the Jubilee Year, with the opening ceremonies, a series of conferences, symposiums, meetings, congresses are organised in order to explain the principal lines of action of the Order of Preachers.

It is inevitable to recall that in the Dominican history, the theme of presence and of the mission with the indigenous peoples exists since the foundation of the Order. Saint Dominic himself had in mind the Evangelization of Peoples very distant from his environment (cumanos). Thus the insertion of the Order in languages, mentalities, cultures and religions resulted in the creation of the first Dominican community in 1511 on the Spanish island which today has become the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to the call of the first Dominican community, through the voice of Montesinos in his Advent sermon, the Order of Preachers yesterday, today and tomorrow, echoes the great brothers and sisters who announce and meet the good news in the indigenous peoples.

The Province of ‘San Vicente Ferrer’ in Central America, is responsible for organising the International Congress of indigenous Peoples, and through it to collect the different experiences of the Order of Preachers in accompanying these peoples toward a common path.

General objective:

Create a space for dialogue, debate and analysis on the implemented accompaniment, directly or indirectly, by the brothers and sisters of the Order of Preachers to the indigenous peoples.

Provide information, knowledge, experiences, reflection and collaboration on this important forum of mission.

Specific objectives

1. Get to know the indigenous peoples and what was the experience of the Order of Preachers in the accompaniment of the latter.

2. Articulate the Forum of Mission of indigenous peoples requested by the last two General Chapters of the Order.

3. Provide the opportunity for a space of dialogue and debate around exchanges experienced in the mission with the indigenous peoples.

4. Get to know the experience of the brothers and sisters of the Order of Preachers who come from these indigenous peoples.

5. Dialogue on the positive or negative consequences that imposes the current reality to the indigenous peoples and consequently to the mission of the Order with these populations.


Send the electronic form to the provincial Curia of the San Vicente Ferrer province in Central America: to Fr. Carlos Cáceres, OP.

Total cost of the event:

USD 150.00 (Includes board and lodging, the documentation and transport to Guatemala).

Maximum number of participants:

40 participants


(21 June 2016)