Introducing the New Website of the Lay Dominican Fraternities

Introducing the New Website of the Lay Dominican Fraternities

The International Council of Dominican Lay Fraternities (ICLDF) has launched her own website: Fraternities OP

The new website is going to be a central hub of news and information about the Lay Fraternities in different part of the world. According to fr Rui Carlos Lopes, the General Promoter for the Laity, it will also be a database for all information and documents relating to the Lay Fraternities in the Order.

Although the site is ready for use, it is still in working progress. In conjunction with the webmaster, Mr Edorado Mattei, a member of the Lay Fraternity in the Roman Province of St Catherine of Siena, fr Rui hopes to continually build-up and enrich the site and its database with new contents, documents, pictures, video etc.

Articles about the Lay Fraternities from different parts of the world will be published simultaneously in the three official languages of the Order – English, French and Spanish. The website is also complemented with social network accounts which will help to create and animate a community of interest.

You are all invited to visit the new website. 


(14 November 2016)