Invitation to the Second African Congress of Dominican Youths

Invitation to the Second African Congress of Dominican Youths

To all Dominican Youth Groups in Africa and IDYM,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the peace and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ and our father, St. Dominic be with you all. It is with great joy that I bring you news of the African Congress (ACon) of Dominican Youths, holding alongside the General Assembly of the national movement of DYM Cameroun.

Second of its kind, the African Congress is a desire to gather the African Dominican Youths. In this effort, we aim to find out how to better adapt our mission of preaching as young Dominicans to the reality of Africa. The African Congress and the Cameroonian one in particular, will therefore be an excellent moment to propose appropriate solutions to reconcile the constraints of the Order and the youthful demands of our society. The first Congress which held at Ilorin Nigeria in 2014 already built the foundation for this organization. Yaoundé 2017 will enable us further develop a strong Dominican Youth structure in Africa, through a solid organization, a well-established and coherent youth development program.

The objectives of the Yaoundé 2017 Congress are:

- Promoting the development of the Dominican youth Movement in Africa.
- To enable young people from diverse backgrounds to build a constructive relationship.
- To elect a new Regional Council.
- To define the Regional Council’s operating policy
The Yaoundé Congress is opened to all African Dominican youths, over the age of 18 years, in accordance with the statutes of the institution; to various group supervisors, as well as to other Dominican Family members, who want to support the youth movement. However, each participating country (of African Dominican youths), would be required to present four (04) delegates for the Elective Assembly, in order to ensure equality of votes.
Congress Card Yaoundé 2017
- Date of the Congress: 24th to 30th of July 2017
- Venue of the congress: Small Seminary of Mvolye (Yaoundé)
- Theme: “Youths, how to take over the 800 years of preaching truth and mercy in the light of current challenges”
- Participation fees: $70 (USD 70); XAF 40 000 FCFA (Forty thousand Franc CFA); XOF 40 000 (Forty thousand Francs CFA)
The amount stated as participation fee is to take care of the following:
- Accommodation
- Feeding
- Logistic/ Transport
- Stationery/ Didactical materials
Participants are required to bring with them bedding (sheets, pillowcase, blanket), and they are also advised to come along with clothes adapted to the rainy season.
The registration form for the Congress can be found on the website: Follow the link to “Le Congres”. I have also attached a registration form for the four (4) delegates who would participate in the Representative Assembly from each country. Only the delegates have voting rights at the Assembly.
Each African country attending the congress would be required to present a formal report on the way they have lived out their lives as Dominicans guided by the four pillars of the Dominican life namely: Community life, Prayer, Study and Preaching; according to the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and threat) analysis. A power point presentation would be preferred. For African countries with more than one unit, each country would be taken as one unit, so only one report is expected. The reports are to be sent at least one month to the commencement of the congress, that is, June 24, 2017.
Participants from the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa and Nigeria do not need visa to enter Cameroon. On the other hand, non CEMAC countries requiring visa must go to the website: for the visa requirements.
Your requests, questions and recommendations are all welcome at the following address:
We are most optimistic that this congress would enrich our lives in unspeakable ways for the Mission of the Dominican Family. Your participation is crucial! Please don’t be left out!
We would be sending more details as your questions warrant and the event unfolds. Remain blessed.
Fraternally yours,
Isioma Chukwuka-Nwodo,                                 Alica Zanga,
African Coordinator,                                           Scribe/ Promoter for Communication,
IDYM, Africa.                                                      IDYM, Africa
(18 April 2017)