Itinerant Dominicanism third season.

fr. Rafael Raygoza, México


The third season of “Itinerant Dominicanism” has started in Mexico City. To take advantage of the starting date and to reassume the invitation we have gotten from the Province on not neglecting Thomas’ school of thought, we have decided to devote all this third season’s calendar exclusively to the Doctor Angelico’s thinking. The first session was held on January 26thon the St Thomas Aquinas convent, in Mexico City. Fr. Mauricio Beuchot O.P., emblematic Thomist from the Santiago of Mexico province, was in charge of it.

The first session of this calendar was titled “Getting to know St Thomas”, and there were addressed, as a way of introduction to the other sessions, the biography of Aquinate and the fundamental points of the Thomist school of thought, such as the context in which it arises, the influences it has, the impact that has generated since its beginnings up to current times, and finally, a little bit of the structure of the Theological Sum.

Among the fundamental points that we have to rescue from this session, it’s worth to echo on the invitation that Mauricio Beuchot used to extend to the audience in order to go into the Thomist school of thought and to live it, “Not only because he was a great theologian, and not only because he has left an invaluable doctrine, but because he was a saint who has illuminated us, has made me see the Dominican spirituality as a sanctification of intelligence.”.

Dr. Beuchot also proposed to reclaim St Thomas ethical proposal as part of the curricula in schools and formation centers, specially focused on working on the virtues, arguing that one of the possible failures of the education on values that has been tried to carry out in various study centers, may reside on the fact that values are abstract, while virtues can be developed through very concrete acts.