IV PREDICARTE: A Meeting of the Artists of the Dominican Family in Latin America and the Caribbean


Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Dominican Family:

We come today to summon you to participate in IV Predicarte, a Meeting of the Artists of the Dominican Family in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in Guatemala City from September 27 to October 3, 2014.

From the origins of our Order, art has been considered a means of preaching, in which the mystery of God is revealed, shared and announced. It is our wish to prepare for the celebration our Dominican Jubilee keeping in mind what has been a significant way of preaching in our continent.

We chose as the motivational motto for our meeting: "And he dwelt among us." Art, Culture and preaching. It is from there that want to reflect, share and create our art together.

In our meetings we seek the harmonize our charism from the point of view of beauty, in so doing, we dedicate time to prayer and celebration, studying from the established perspectives in order to share our artistic experience and also through workshops, in which we can develop new techniques or enjoy together in artistic expression. What is becoming an established practice is the mural that we all make together as a testimony of our passage through the places that welcomes us. In our IV Predicarte the experience of shared preaching from art will take place in a marginal school run by the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation so that the ministry of beauty can be a source of hope amid the sorrow.

We invite all members of the Dominican family, sisters, nuns, friars and lay people who are developing their creativity at the service of preaching through any form of art such as, music, literature, poetry, plastic arts, theater, dance, multimedia, photography, film, crafts, corporal expression, etc.. We are open to all dimensions of beauty in its many manifestations.

The meeting will take place at Veritas House, located at 31 -80 2nd Street, Zone 7, Utatlán I, in Guatemala City. Tel /fax: (502) 2439-2555. You can visit the site: http://casaveritas.com/

The meeting cost is estimated between $US 150 or 200, which includes registration, lodging, meals, materials and sightseeing with the group. Closer to the date we will inform the final cost.

The exhibition of our works will take place in the hall where the meeting is held. The transportation and exhibition of the works of art will be the responsibility of each the participants. There will be an artistic show for those disciplines that need to be performed.

We recommend paying special attention to the data requested in the Registration Form. Registration will close on July 1, 2014 and so give us enough time to properly organize the workshops. Please email the Registration Form to: artistas@codalc.org, in the SUBJECT line place your last name and the word “registration”.

We will be sending the schedule of planned activities and more information that will be useful to all those attending.

Hoping that all who are drawn to the many forms of art may be encouraged to participate and thus continue to build our space as Artists of the Dominican Family in Latin America and the Caribbean, we salute you invoking the blessing of our

Father Dominic and the Blessed Angelico who showed us the way to God through beauty.

In the fellowship of our charism:

Organization Team: artistas@codalc.org

Sister Valeria Nougués, op. General Coordinator and Secretary of CODALC
Sister Brigitte Loire, op. – México – Artists Association
Rossana Aguilar – Artists Association's Communications Secretary
Ana Cecilia Aguirre – Argentina – Image Coordinator
Friar Luis Roberto Aguilar, op. – Guatemala – Local Coordinator
Friar Carlos Cáceres, op. Province Prior- Central America – CIDALC
(02 April 2014)