Provincials/Vicars and Regents of Studies of Asia Pacific

Act 95 of the General Chapter of Diffinitors in Trogir, Croatia (2013) commissions all the Regents of Studies and the superiors of Provinces and Vicariates in each region to meet together at least once before the General Chapter of 2016 in order to study and implement possible kinds of concrete collaboration needed in the region.

For this reason, the following brothers met:

Br. Michael Mascari, OP - Socius for Intellectual Life;
Br. Vincent Lu Vien Ha, OP - Socius for Asia Pacific Region;
Br. Joseph Ngo Si Dinh, OP - Prior Provincial, Reginae Martyrum, Vietnam;
Br. Nguyen Truong Tam, OP - Regent of Studies, Reginae Martyrum, Vietnam;
Br. Kevin Saunders, OP - Prior Provincial, Assumption Province, Australia/New Zealand;
Br. Mark O’Brien, OP - Regent of Studies, Assumption Province, Australia/ New Zealand;
Br. Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP - Prior Provincial, Philippines;
Br. Romulo Rodriguez, OP - Regent of Studies, Philippines;
Br. Javier Gonzales, OP - Prior Provincial, Our Lady of the Rosary Province;
Br. Kim Sang Tae, OP - Regent of Studies, Our Lady of the Rosary Province;
Br. Philip Pan, OP - Regent of Studies, Vicariatus Generalis Reginae Sinae;
Br. James Channan OP - Regent of Studies, Vice-Provincia Filius Mariae, Pakistan;
Br. John Kusumalayam, OP - Prior Provincial, India;
Br. George Kumblumoottil, OP - Regent of Studies, India;
Br. Mariano Gonzalez Martin, OP, - Regional Prior, Regional Vicariate of Our Lady of the Rosary in Japan;
Br. Paul Ihara, OP - Regional Prior, Regional Vicariate of the Province of St. Dominic (Canada) in Japan.
The first-ever joint meeting was held at the Foyer De Charite Cao Thai in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from the 2nd to the 6th of February 2015. The said activity was also graced by the sharing of Br. Michael Deeb, OP, the Promoter for Justice and Peace in the Order. There was a fruitful exchange that brought about a number of resolutions from the body such as: the exchange of professors from the academic centers, identification of 4 brethren from the Asia Pacific region who will specialize on Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism and whose scholarship will be from the Region, production of resources and manuals that would help the brothers doing their ministry in their inter-faith contexts and the inclusion of a module on inter-faith dialogue in the Annual Common Study in the Region.

In addition to the Joint Meeting, the Provincials/Vicars and the Regent of Studies also had their separate sessions for their peculiar agendas.

We thank the Province of Reginae Martyrum of Vietnam for their remarkable hospitality and may our Father St. Dominic guide us in our ministry!

By Br. Romulo Rodriguez, OP