Jubilee Exhibition of the Life of the Order at Regensburg

Jubilee Exhibition of the Life of the Order at Regensburg

The Dominican Order received its approval on 22 December 1216, making this year its 800th anniversary. An anniversary exhibition of this internationally active religious Order will take place in the former Dominican Church of St. Blasius, one of the largest and most significant mendicant churches in Germany.

Date: 11th May until 15th August 2016

Time: Everyday (except Monday), from 11.00 to 17.00.

Location: Dominican church St. Blasius, Albertus-Magnus-Platz 1/ Bismarckplatz, 93047 Regensburg

Admission: Free and open to the general public

In the cloister, the Albert-Magnus chapel as well as in the refectory of the former monastery, shows magnificent art works stretching from the 13th century all the way to contemporary art. They will take you through the rich history and present of the German speaking part of this Order.

Starting in the church itself, murals and numerous other details will capture your imagination. The adjacent rooms present medieval book paintings, graphic works such as Albrecht Dürer’s Philosophy, sculptures, paintings, gold works and contemporary art installations. Moreover, audio and video installations enable you, the visitor, to learn about the intriguing history of the Order. This includes the blossoming of the Order, the involvement of the Friar Preachers in the Inquisition and the life of great mystics such as Eckhart von Hochheim, commonly known as Meister Eckhart and finally the work of the sisters and brothers of the Order in the 21st century.


(27 April 2016)