Krakow student journal Teofil celebrates its thirtieth edition


Since 1992, the student-brothers of the Province of Poland have edited Teofil, a journal of philosophy and theology. Our journal emerged in the first years of post-Communist freedom within the Krakow priory, which is among the largest Dominican communities in Europe. Over the past two decades, Teofil has accompanied readers through an astoundingly creative period in the life of the Church in Poland, examining complicated themes such as the Chistian understanding of the human body, ecumenism, Jewish-Christian dialogue and Islam. This semester, in our twentieth year, we are proud to present the thirtieth issue of Teofil.

In our anniversary issue, we investigative the mission and identity of our own beloved Order. Included among the 20 articles published in this issue is an unprecidented collection of personal testimonies from seven Dominicans of the Polish Provice representing several generations. The oldest of these men entered the Order in 1959 and the youngest in 2009. Among them are a missionary, a parish priest, scholars, a master of formation, students... even a librarian. Each one represents a unique expression of the Dominican charism; each tells the reader in simple, honest terms why he chose the way of the preacher, and why he continues on this path.

Our thirtieth issue also includes new translations of some key texts in the history of our Order, including the first Polish translation of a homily for the Feast of St. Dominic by St. Vincent Ferrer and a large fragment of Henri-Dominique Lacordaire's renowned 1839 essay for the reestablishment of the Order in France, which appears here in the first new Polish translation since 1840. All of our translations are composed and edited by the brothers themselves. We are also proud to bring our readers articles from prominent comtemporary Dominicans, including Fathers Allan White and Benedict Ashley.

Our hope is that this anniversary issue, 2000 copies of which are being distributed though Dominican communities and in bookstores around Poland as well as over the Internet, will be of interest not only to Dominicans. In it, we ask two questions that are fundamental to everyone's life, but which we rarely dare to ask aloud: Who am I, and why am I here?