LA SACRA PREDICAZIONE (THE HOLY PREACHING) is the initiative promoted by the Province of St Thomas Aquinas in Italy to celebrate our Jubilee 1216-2016 in the territories of the South of Italy.

LA SACRA PREDICAZIONE proposes an itinerant exhibition focused on the charisma of the Order, whose aim is remembering the past by witnessing the present to send it into the future.

The exhibition stages a virtual domus praedicationis – a house of preaching – in which three spaces tells us about where we come from, who we are and where we live.

It is a kind of imaginary cloister, whose wings are provided with panels with texts and pictures; moreover, a 15 minutes video-documentary and an application will give the visitors the opportunity of listening to the friars and nuns of our Province talking about their experience of life and faith.



The exhibition is completed by a series of specifics designed objects – books of prayers, rosaries, cardboards with icons of saints, notebooks, bookmarkers etc. – that will be proposed to our visitors as an opportunity to know the Order of preachers and appreciate it.

This initiative has also been an occasion to reveal the talents of our friars and nuns – scholars, artists, writers – who have been directly involved in the implementation of this project.

The itinerant exhibition will be staged in the three convents of our Province, for a period of four months each throughout the Jubilee Year.

- Palermo – December 2015/March 2016
- Bari – April/July  2016
- Madonna dell’Arco-Napoli – August/December 2016
Fr. Sergio Catalano, OP


(19 janvier 2016)