The Latest Sacrae Theologiae Magister Awardees


The Master of the Order, Fr Bruno Cadorè has just confirmed the Sacrae Thologiae Magister on some brothers in the Order.

The Sacrae Theologiae Magister (STM) is an honorary title granted by the Master of the Order on the recommendation of the General Council. Today, the prerequisites are ten years of teaching at the graduate level and the publication of at least one book positively reviewed in international journals and several articles in refereed academic journals. A brother with this qualification can be nominated by his prior provincial and council.

The title dates back to 1303 when Pope Benedict XI, himself a Dominicans created the rank so that the Dominican Order could independently grant the faculty to teach theology, without having the candidate approved by a university theology faculty. In the past, the holder of the STM had privileges and rights in his province but most of these have been abolished by the General Chapter of 1968. The title remains honorary and solely academic with the right of the prefix “Very Reverend” and suffix “S.T.M.”.

The installation of a new STM has remained basically the same since the 1600s and it is very interesting because of the symbolism employed. At the ceremony, the individual to receive the honour comes and kneels before him who is to bestow the honour which is usually the last recipient in the province. The candidate makes a Profession of Faith and the ring is placed upon the ring finger of the left hand of the candidate with some prayers. He then sits in the chair and his appointment as a Master is announced. Then, placed upon the new Master's head is a Master's biretta with further prayers. Current Dominican practice is to use a black biretta with red-purple piping and pom-pom. Being that it is the biretta of a doctor, it has four fins, not three as in the case of those who have the licentiate, or the typical clerical biretta. The new Master then rises and delivers his inaugural lecture.

The following brothers received the STM;

From the Province of Toulouse, we have:

  1. fr. Benoît-Dominique De La Soujeole: He is a Doctor of Theology, Civil and Canon Lawyer and also a Professor Faculty of Theology, Fribourg.
  1. fr. Jean-Luc Vesco: He is a Doctor of Theology, had a Degree Philosophy and Scripture and also a Professor of Old Testament Exegesis.
  1. fr. Serge-Thomas Bonino: He is a Doctor of Philosophy and Theology, member of the International Theological Commission, Director of the Revue Thomiste and Professor at the Institute of St Thomas Aquinas (ISTA) and the Catholic Institute, Toulouse.
  1. fr. Jean-Michel Maldame: He is a Doctor of Theology, member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Catholic Academy of France and the International Academy of Religious Sciences.


From the Province of Spain, we have:

  1. fr. Alberto Escallada Tijero: He is a Doctor of Theology, a Doctor in Oriental Ecclesiastical Sciences and a member of the Pontifical Academy of St Thomas Aquinas.
  1. fr. Gregorio Celada Luengo: He is Doctor of Theology, a Degree in Patristic Sciences and a Professor at the Faculty of St Stephen.


From the Province of Switzerland, we have:

  1. fr. Gilles Emery: He is a Doctor of Theology, Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the University of Fribourg, member of the International Theological Commission, Academy of European Sciences and Arts, Committee for the Promotion of Studies in the Order and the Board of the Revue Thomiste.


We say congratulations to these brothers. May this be a source of inspiration and graces for them to work even harder in their different fields.