Lay Dominicans' Final Promise in Belfast

founding members of new chapter make lifelong commitment
Ms Lisa Hanna & Mr Francis McCaughan


Two Irish lay Dominicans made their 'final promise' in Belfast on 8th December.

Mr Francis McCaughan and Ms Lisa Hanna (pictured) made their lifelong commitment to life as lay Dominicans ('tertiaries') during the celebration of Mass at the Queen's University Belfast (QUB) Catholic Chaplaincy. 

Francis and Lisa are the founding members of the new Lay Dominican Chapter based at QUB Catholic Chaplaincy which is under the patronage of Blessed Giorgio Frassati.

The Chapter has a particular emphasis on the intellectual tradition of Catholicism and during this Year of Faith has embarked upon a series of ambitious projects.

There are  at present three other people in the initial stages of joining the Chapter which was founded earlier in 2012. 

Belfast, in Northern Ireland, also enjoys the presence of Dominican sisters who have been involved in education in the city since the nineteenth century as well as some other lay Dominican Chapters. 

The new Chapter of lay Dominicans, with Francis and Lisa as founding members, is enhancing the Dominican contribution to Church and society in Belfast, the second largest city on the island of Ireland. 

In recent months, three additional Irish lay Dominicans made their final promise: Mr Michael Joyce and Mr Damian McDonnell in Kilkenny made their final promise on 3rd November last, while Mr Paul McLoughlin made his final promise in Cork on 3rd October.

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