Lent is for Lovers

Lent is for Lovers

The Dominican Friars of St. Gertrude Parish in Cincinnati, OH have developed a unique preaching program for the season of Lent: Lent Is For Lovers.

Drawing on the coincidence of Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day falling on the same day, the program includes both daily Lenten reflections posted on YouTube as well as several talks and a Parish Mission drawing on the theme of how prayer, fasting, and almsgiving grows out of love.

How are you going to observe Lent?

Living Lent is not simply a matter of giving things up. It is about taking on new life.

You can get closer to Jesus alone in your room, but he made us to know him in a group: the Church. This Lent we are offering reflections on the transformative power of love. Join us in person at St. Gertrude and online right here.

Click here for a reflection on the logo for Lent is for Lovers from the illustrator who designed it.

Fr. Gabriel Torretta and Fr. Clement Dickie are the authors of the programme.

Visit the Lent Is For Lovers website to sign up for daily emails and to learn more about the program.




(16 February 2018)