Lets All Recommit to the Pursuit of Peace and Justice


Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana, where I was a guest speaker at the assembly of the Theresians International—an organization of Catholic women, dedicated to the spirit of Vatican II. While there, I had a chance to see a good bit of the country, and was taken with both the poverty all around, and the beauty of the people.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, I offer you these few photographs. These children of Ghana in some way symbolize the importance of the work we try to do here at the United Nations, as we advocate on behalf of human rights, and respect for the integrity of Earth.


  These children also represent children throughout the world who yearn for love, for safety, for a world without violence, and for a future in which to realize their hopes and dreams.

In the wake of the tragedy that has taken place in Newtown, Connecticut (in the USA), and in anticipation of Christ’s rebirth within us and among us, perhaps we can take the time to recommit ourselves to the pursuit of peace and justice right where we are, knowing that the good we do reaches out in some mysterious way to touch all of God’s good people.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas, and a New Year of great blessings.

Margaret Mayce, OP
Kati Garrison, DVUSA

Margaret Mayce, OP (DLC/Amityville)
NGO in Special Consultative Status at the United Nations
Dominican Leadership Conference
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