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Presentation of the Commission

In 1974, following on the General Chapter of Madonna dell’Arco (Naples, Italy) the Master of the Order instituted a commission for the liturgy of the Order (CLIOP: International Liturgical Commission of the Order of Preachers) in continuity with the Liturgical Institute whose historical seat was at Santa Sabina. The object of this was to review and to promote the Liturgy of the Order according to the choices made by the Council of Vatican II and the indications furnished by the General Chapters. From 1974 to 2001, the Commission was presided over by fr Vincenzo Romano (of the province of Sicily). During this period were prepared the principal liturgical books of the Proper of the Order of Preachers: the Liturgy of the Hours O.P. (1982), Missal and Lectionary O.P. (1985), Order of Profession O.P. (1999), Ordo for the Anointing and Order of Burial O.P. (2001)

In 2001, fr. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa instituted a new commission for six years, with fr Dominique Dye (province of France) as president, renewed in 2007 for a new mandate of six years. This commission pursues the work of renewal of our liturgical customs, the edition of books and cooperation with the Provinces, the Monasteries of nuns, the Congregations of Sisters and the different groupings of the Dominican Family, for their adaptations, translations and publications of the O.P. Proper.

Three volumes of Documenta have been published: I. Additamenta ad Proprium Missalis et Liturgiae Horarum, 2006 (which complete the Missale et Lectionarum O.P. of 1985; II. Ordo Unctionis infirmorum eorumque spiritualis curae, 2008; III. Ordo exequiarum, 2008. Besides, the commission publishes the bulletin INFO/CLIOP.

At present, the Commission is composed of the following members:

fr. José Filipe Da Costa (Province of Portugal) - President
fr. David Caron (Province of St Martin the Porres, USA)
fr. Thomas Moller (Province of Teutonia, Germany)
fr. Dominik Jurczak (Province of Poland)
sr. Ragnhild Bjelland. (The Dominican Sisters of Notre Dame de Grâce (Chatillon) Oslo)
Other assisting members are
fr. Joseph Nguyên Van Hiên (Province of Vietnam)
fr. Manuel Eduardo Solórzano Zerpa (Vicariate of Venezuela, Province of the Holy Rosary)


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