Liturgy between Tradition and Actuality

InfoCLIOP – The Official Liturgical Bulletin of the Order – no. 14 – 2017
Liturgy between Tradition and Actuality

Dear Friars, Sisters, and members of the Dominican Family,

now that the Order of Preachers has completed the festivities of our 800th Jubilee please receive this latest issue of Info/CLIOP entitled” Liturgy between Tradition and Actuality.” This issue is about music and our Dominican tradition. Music is one of the greatest creations of humans. It touches the soul and also helps us to sympathetically manifest unspoken desires. It has the capacity of breaking down boundaries and the capacity to unite people from different backgrounds and cultural heritages. This is true for members of the Order of Preachers. For 800 years, wherever Dominicans are found, one can hear the singing of a particular antiphon known by all the branches of the Order. The antiphon, the “O Lumen” is a tribute to the heroic virtues of our founder St. Dominic de Guzman, who is the Light of the Church, teacher of Truth, rose of patience, and ivory of chastity. The life of St. Dominic, as expressed in the “O Lumen,” invites the singer to pattern his or her life on the Gospel as did this joyful friar.

In the first part of this Info/CLIOP issue we are pleased to present to our readers an interesting reflection on the “O Lumen” by our Dominican brother, Robert Mehlahrt from Munich. He shares his reflections from his research. In the second part of this issue the Liturgical Commission wishes to present to you some Latin hymns collected for the Jubilee that were gathered into a new songbook to mark this important anniversary for the Order. The Master of the Order, fr. Bruno Cadore, pens the Introduction to this work. Following Bruno you will find additional reflections on the variety music that has informed our prayer and our Dominican life after Second Vatican Council by friars Gerfried Bramlage (Cologne), Innocent Smith (New York), and Sisters Ragnhild Bjelland (Oslo) and Marie (Genevieve Trainer, Langear).

In addition to the Latin hymn texts collected for the Jubilee, the members of CLIOP solicited from the friars, sisters, and other members of our world-wide Order more recent compositions, to be collected in a second volume entitled “Modern Songs.” These songs, composed after the Second Vatican Council until recently, were submitted in a variety of languages, showing the diversity of the Dominican family praising God through song. Here you can find these modern songs:

May these reflections on the “O Lumen” and other music from our Dominican tradition found in this Info/CLIOP issue better inform and spiritually support your prayer, your study, your preaching, and your community life. St. Paul, in Ephesians 5:19, states it best when he urges believers to address one another and to make melody to the Lord “with all your heart”! This is our work—the work of those who follow the joyful friar, Dominic.

You can download a copy of InfoCLIOP here


fr. Thomas Möller OP, Mainz

Sr. Ragnhild Bjelland OP, Oslo


(13 May 2017)