Maryknoll Sisters work with Maasai women in Tanzania

Emusoi Center for Education
Tanzanian dancer

Sr. Mary Vertucci, OP, writes from Tanzania about the Emusoi Center for Maasai women: “I am working at Emusoi and I will probably be here for a long time. We began in 1999. At present, 3 Maryknoll Sisters, besides myself are working at the Center. Sr. Maureen, a part-time English teacher, Sr. Jeri helps with communications and supervises all the grounds and Sr. Jareen, a young sister who just came to Tanzania last year. She is teaching our pre-secondary students and teaching computer and helping out with administration!” The newspaper Mail & Guardian from South Africa published an article on the Center Emusoi: "It's as if they speak with one voice, the young Maasai women who have escaped being sold into marriage -- at least for now -- to pursue an education."