The Master Shares with the Nuns of Lufkin

Monastery of the Infant Jesus USA

Today (July 10, 2012), we are filled with joy as we were able to spend a short but spiritually enriching time with the Master of the Order – Fr Bruno Cadoré, OP - the head of the international Order of Preachers, or as we are better known, the Dominicans!

We are so grateful that Fr. Bruno Cadoré and Fr. Edward Ruane (the Vicar to the Master) were able to stop at our monastery (Monastery of the Infant Jesus, Lufkin, Texas, USA) for this visit, on their way from Houston and to Irving, TX as part of Fr. Bruno's visitation of the Southern Dominican Province. It only lasted about an hour and a half, but it was quite a time! We asked many questions and received Fr. Bruno's thoughtful (and thought-provoking) responses.

Fr. Bruno has a nine-year term as Master, and since he was elected in 2010 he still has a few years to go. We hope and pray his travels will bring him back to Lufkin sometime!