Meeting of Prior Provincials of North America

Prior Provincials of North America 2017

The priors provincial of North America met from 17-21 April for their annual meeting at St. Albert the Great Priory in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately, due to the changes in visa requirements, fr. Jorge Rafael Días Núñez (Province of Mexico)  was not able to attend the meeting.

Those in attendance, as photographed above, were: fr. Peter Houng Tran, (Vicar Provincial of the Provincial Vicariate of Vietnam, Calgary, Canada), fr. James Marchionda, (St. Albert the Great Province, USA), fr. André Descôteaux (the host, Province of Canada), Mark Padrez (Western Dominican Province, USA), fr.  Tom Condon (St. Martin de Porres, USA), and fr. Ken Letiole (St. Joseph Province, USA). fr. Dominic Izzo (Socius for the U.S.A.) was also present but not in the photo.

During the meeting, several topics were discussed. The legislation pertaining to priors provincial and provinces from the ACG of Bologna 2016 was reviewed. There was a lengthily discussion on different possibilities for collaboration from initial and ongoing formation to mission. Brothers also shared the accomplishments in the process of planning and priorities that several province had undertaken. A recommendation for a new regional promoter for justice and peace was discussed and it will be sent to the Master of the Order. Finally, the brothers shared news and information about the provinces and provincial vicariate.

All were grateful to fr. Andrè and the brothers of the Province of Canada for their generous fraternal welcome. The week ended with an outing to Cirque du Soleil was remarkable and enjoyable as well as a trip to Quebec to visit the brothers.

The next meeting of the North American Provincials will be 2-7 April, 2018 and it will be held in the Province of St. Martin de Porres, USA. To this meeting, the provincials will invite the regents of studies and the presidents of the studia in North America to further the conversation on collaboration. The Socius for Intellectual Life has also been invited in order to fulfill one of the ordinations from the General Chapter of Bologna.


(23 April 2017)