Meeting of the Young Sisters OP 2019 in Oslo

fr Alain ARNOULD OP Socius for NW Europe & Canada Socius pour l'Europe NO & Canada Convento di Santa Sabina, Roma

Meeting of the Young Sisters OP 2019 in Oslo
Can art be equated with beauty? What role did Sr. Plautilla Nelli, O.P. have in the San Marco school of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? Are we listening to the "signs of the times" expressed in today's art? The young Dominican sisters of Europe (YSOP) gathered at Katarinahjemmet in Oslo for their annual meeting to reflect on these and other questions as they explored the theme "Contemplation and Beauty."

Professor Gregory Reichberg, philosopher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo and St. Thomas Aquinas enthusiast, provided an overview of beauty as found in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas--particularly beauty's relation to truth and goodness and the dinstinction between transcendental and aesthetic beauty.

Fr. Alain Arnould presented on the San Marco school from Fra Angelico to Sr. Plautilla Nelli and then gave a compelling appeal for engaging with the art of today.

Sr. Dana Benedicta Pawlowicz, an artist and member of the Katarinahjemmet community, reflected on the situation of the preacher in the world today and compared the ways in which the preacher is also an artist.

Along with these presentations, the sisters enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the Katarinajemmet community, the enriching conversations with each other, and the opportunity to pray together at Mass and Office. Sisters from communities in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, and Slovakia attended.

YSOP hopes to host the next gathering in early January 2020 (location to be announced).

Sr Agnes Schreck