Mini-Summit of Inter-Africa and Regional Meeting of the Regents of Studies

Frs Gabriel Samba, Michael Mascari and Charles Ukwe at the IAOP Mini-Summit 2015

The Mini-Summet of the Inter-Africa (IAOP) coupled with the Regional meeting of the Regents and Directors of studies, kicked off on Saturday morning, December 12, 2015 in Luanda, Angola. The opening Mass which took place in the Chapel of St Thomas Aquinas community of our brothers in Luanda, was presided over by brother Michael Mascari, OP, Socius for Intellectual Life.

Take part in this meetings, the following brothers : Gabriel SAMBA, Socius for Africa, Charles UKWE, Provincial of St Joseph the Worker Province, Nigeria and Ghana, Paul AKIN- OTIKO Regent of Studies of this province and IAOP Councillor for Intellectual Life, Brice BINI, Regent of Studies of the Vice-Province St Augustin in West Africa, Justin ADRIKO, Vicar General of the Vicariate General of St Pius V, D.R.Congo, Marie-Victor KISYABA, Regent of studies of this Vicariate and IAOP Councillor for Formation, Sikhosiphi Mgoza, Vicar General of the Vicariate General of Southern Africa, Philippe Denis, Regent of studies of this Vicariate, Sixbert HATEGEKIMANA, Vicar provincial of Rwanda and Burundi, Emmanuel NTAKARUTIMANA, Director of studies of this Vicariate, Maury SCHEPERS, Vicar provincial of Easter Africa, Denis Vincent WISEMAN, Director of studies of this Vicariate, José PAULO, Vicar provincial of Angola, Julio CADEEIRO, Director of studies of this Vicariate. Brothers Prudence HATEGEKIMANA (Rwanda), IAOP Syndic, Mario RUI, IAOP Councillor for Justice and Peace and Dominican Family and Zéca (Angola) are also part of the meeting.

Three brothers apologized: Benjamin Sombel SARR, Vice-provincial of the Vice-Province St Augustin in West Africa, Jean-Paul Kamaheu, Vicar provincial of Equatorial Africa and Justin N’DEMA, Director of studies of this Vicariate.

In organising this regional meeting, the IAOP responds to the recommendations of the General Chapter of Trogir (ACG Trogir 2013, n° 85-86). The meeting is chaired by the Socius for Intellectual Life. The first day the regents and directors work together with brother Mascari, while the Superiors work in groups. The second day (Sunday December 13), regents, directors of studies and the superiors will come together for a plenary session and make the final recommendations. Strictly speaking, the Mini-Summit which is only for the Superiors and the members of the Coordinating Committee of IAOP, begins on Monday 14th December.

The tasks of this meeting which takes place, midway between the two General Assemblies of IAOP are: to evaluate whether the decisions of the General Assembly have been implemented, to take stock on inter-African situations and problems, and to make proposals for the date, venue and agenda of the next General Assembly which will take place in 2017.

The Mini-Summit ends on Wednesday 16th December with a closing Mass .

Fr. Gabriel Samba, op


(14 December 2015)