The Monastery of St Catherine of Siena, Cordoba celebrates 400 years


The nuns of the Monastery of St Catherine of Siena, Cordoba in Argentina are filled with joy and immense gratitude to God for giving them 400 years. It has been 400 years of witnessing through the monastic life. The monastery is the first contemplative monastery in the whole of Argentina and it was founded on July 2, 1613.

From May 31, 2012 (the feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary) to July 2, 2013, the nuns will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the foundation of their monastery. According to the prioress of the monastery, Sr. Sandra Monica Lopez, OP, the Jubilee celebration will begin with a Holy Mass on May 31 at the monastery church. The year long celebration will include various religious and cultural events with themes alluding to the commemoration, the contemplative life, cultural and ethical values. After each event, the nuns will entertain their guests with choral rendations. All these will take place in the monastery church on the first Friday of every month.

Sr Sandra Lopez, OP recalls in history how the monastery started with a humble beginning in the centre of the city when Cordoba was just a hamlet. Thanks to God and the Virgin Mary, the nuns have remained in the heart of the big city for 400 years despite the vicisitudes of the past. The nuns are filled with great joy to inform the whole Order, the entire Church and indeed, the whole world that they have recieved Apostolic Penitentiary for the grace of gaining a plenary indulgence in their church. This plenary indulgence is for all who visit their church during all solemnities and feasts of the Order throughout the jubilee year.

The nuns are commending the entire celebration into the hands of Our Lord and His Mother for their favour. They are optimistic that it will be a fulfilling celebration and the fruits of the celebration will be for the Church in Argentina, the whole Order, the universal Church and the entire world.

As they continue in their apostolate of paryer, the nuns are asking for our prayers and support specially during this jubilee year.