The New Commission of the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM)

Commission of the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM)

These are the members of the new International Commission of IDYM

International Coordinator: Elijor Benjamin Rodil
Promoter of Finance: Agyver Yvonne Sawunyama
Promoter of Mission: Dimitri Díaz
Promoter of Formation: Nicolás Ferrada
Promoter of Communication: Mónica Marco



Elijor Benjamin Rodil
International Coordinator
DYM Phillippines
He is a Civil Engineer from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He started his Dominican Youth journey in Dominican Network (DOMNET) in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in 2008. He served as National Coordinator of DOMNET between 2010-2014 with the guidance of Rev. Fr. Jeffrey L. Aytona, OP and with the support of all friars and sisters in the Philippines. His first encounter with the IDYM was during the Meeting and Assembly in Bogota, Colombia (2013), and his last IDYM experience was in Toulouse, France (2016) where he was elected as International Coordinator.


Agyver Yvonne Sawunyama
Promoter of Finance
DYM Zimbabwe
She is a Lawyer from the University of Zimbabwe. She had her first experience with the IDYM during the Meeting and Assembly in Bogota, Colombia (2013) where she represented the Zimbabwean Region of the missionary sisters as a lay youth delegate and former member of Veritas Club. From there, the missionary sisters and Agyver started the adventure of building a youth movement for Zimbabwe: DYM Zim. By the grace of God and the support of brothers and sisters all over the world, this youth movement is now blossoming. During the last assembly in Toulouse (2016), she was elected Promoter for Finance.


Dimitri Díaz
Promoter of Mission
DYM Guatemala
He is a Chemical Engineer from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. He is involved in the Parish – San Thomas Aquinas - as catechist and coordinator of the youth. He was one of the co-founding members of DYM in Guatemala (2006), and he continues taking active part in encouraging the maintenance and creation of DYM groups. He is also committed with the local missions in the region of Verapaz. During the assembly in Toulouse (2016), he was elected Promoter of Mission.



Nicolás Ferrada
Promoter of Formation
DYM Chile
He is a graduate in exact sciences from the University of Chile, and teaches math and physics to high school students. He has been related to the Dominican Family over the years. He has been involved in pastoral groups at his school and currently in charge of the catechesis for confirmation. He is part of DYM Chile since 2008 and became formal member in 2013 when his community Dominicanes joined the DYM. During the assembly in Toulouse (2016), he was elected  for his second term as Promoter of Formation.


Mónica Marco
Promoter of Communication
DYM Spain
She is a graduate in Art History and Tourism from the University of Salamanca and UNED. She joined DYM Spain in Salamanca where she, with her former group, began the youth Dominican community. Since 2006, she has been  part of a current community in Madrid: El Olivar. She is now the coordinator of the said community. She is also involved in Selvas Amazonicas, the mission secretariat for the province of Hispania. During the assembly in Toulouse (2016), she was elected Promoter of Communication.  
The Transfer Meeting:

The new IDYM Commission attended the Mission Congress of the Order last January 17-21, 2017 at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome, Italy. After the said event, they held their Transfer Meeting with the outgoing commission in the Convent of Santa Sabina from January 22-24, 2017.

At these three days, the former commission members gave an orientation to the new ones about IDYM’s organization, profile and status of each region, projects that have been accomplished during the last 4 years and the ongoing projects of IDYM. Moreover, each of the outgoing commission members gave words of advice to his/her successor on his/her specific function, and encouraged them to work assiduously  for the growth of the movement following the footsteps of Saint Dominic.

The Meeting in Santa Sabina gave the new members of the commission the opportunity to meet and chat with several members of the Curia, as well as with the International Council of the Dominican Sisters’ International (DSI).  Both councils (IDYM and DSI) were able to know each other’s duties and responsibilities better, and they opened up discussions on possible areas of collaboration in the future.

The new commission also had the opportunity to meet with the Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cadoré, who encouraged them to devote the following years to the empowerment of young people in the Order, to give them a voice, the joy and the desire of thinking and living together in the love of Christ. They were also asked to promote reflection and collaboration with other branches of the Order.

After these successful meetings, the new commission started working on their specific areas, and are currently elaborating the guidelines and plans for the next four years, which will conclude with the International Meeting and Assembly in 2020.


(20 January 2017)