A new website dedicated to the cause of Elisabeth Leseur

A new website dedicated to the cause of Elisabeth Leseur

“The future will be what we make it; let us reflect on this thought so that it may motivate us to act. ... Let us work at transforming ourselves and our lives. Let us influence those around us, not by useless preaching, but by the irresistible power of our spirituality and the example of our lives." Elisabeth Leseur (1)

We know we are just two of the many individuals around that world that have come to know and love the faith journey and writings of Elisabeth Leseur. Our hope is to coordinate and strengthen each person's individual efforts to share that faith journey and to further the cause of Elisabeth. Thus, with the help and encouragement of many new friends, we were able to bring to life a new website ELcause.org

From the beginning, we believed strongly that we must make the site available in as many languages as possible, because Elisabeth's followers can be found around the world. Our new friends have worked hard to translate the content of ELcause.org into English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. It is our goal to add Italian before the end of the year. Since launching ELcause.org , the universal church has really come alive before our eyes! Every day brings a little joy as we witness new visitors from around the world encountering Elisabeth for the first time. In only three weeks since our initial launch, Elisabeth’s message has reached new audiences in 28 countries and on every continent except Antarctica. We have been graced by beautiful correspondence from individuals from many walks of life with the common theme of love of Elisabeth's faith journey and writings.

We realize that God's providence for the future of Elisabeth's cause will unfold in God's time. Thus, while it was with great enthusiasm that we launched the site, we recognize content and news may not change at the same pace as news of the world. We launched the monthly eNewsletter for Elisabeth Leseur's Circle of

Friends in July 2017, to reflect on some aspect of Elisabeth's writings each month, and just to keep in touch. We selected one of Elisabeth's short writings on the virtue of Hope, written at her sister's request, as our first reflection. In the July eNews we also gently requested action on the part of her followers. We asked, where possible, to have a Mass said with the intention of Elisabeth's cause.

We chose this first action, since the Church considers the Mass as the greatest possible prayer of intercession. We know the great value Elisabeth placed on prayer and her complete belief in the power of the communion of saints. We are asking for Masses to be said near the anniversary of her birth, October 16th. As of this writing, we have confirmed four masses, three in the United States (Eugene, OR, Pittsburgh, PA, and Melbourne, FL) and one in Nova Scotia, Canada. We would love to add many more to this list!

We extend much gratitude to our many new friends who have helped to create this new platform to unite followers and supporters of Elisabeth Leseur. Please help us ensure we have included all content and efforts on ELcause.org , by emailing us any books, articles, or videos you have found to elcause.org@gmail.com . We especially welcome content in languages other than English; as we add new language translations, we would love to see the content reflect the universality of the faith.

Jennifer and Joe MacNeil, United States

(1) Elisabeth Leseur’s quote is taken from Janet Ruffing, “Elisabeth Leseur – Selected Writings”, published by Paulist Press.


​(07 July 2017)