Oranges From Dominic’s Tree

A collection of poems from Dominican friars, sisters and laity.
Oranges From Dominic’s Tree

The New Priory Press of the Province of St Albert the Great, USA has just published a collection of poems titled, Oranges from Dominic’s Tree.


The title of this anthology, Oranges From Dominic’s Tree, comes from the tradition that Saint Dominic planted an orange tree in the garden of the Priory of Santa Sabina in Rome. A series of oranges trees have grown in that garden for almost nine hundred years, each taken from a shoot of the previous tree. Dominic’s tree still produces oranges. The orange is an appropriate metaphor for the poem. A good poem, like a good orange, should be small, beautiful, flavorful and nourishing.

It is edited by Fr. Matthew Powell, O.P. and you can get a copy online by going to their website. You will find other great books on the site.


(26 July 2014)