Pain and Death: The suffering of the inhabitants of Mocoa today

DOLOR Y  MUERTE: La pasión vivida HOY por los habitantes de MOCOA

Dear Sisters, brothers and friends,

Mocoa is a city in Colombia, capital of the Region of Putumayo, located in the south of the country, about 618 kilometres from Bogota, the capital of the country.

An impoverished area whose inhabitants have always lived amidst high security risk, was surprisingly hit by heavy downpours from the evening hours of Friday 31 March to the early hours of Saturday 1 April 2017. The magnitude and force of the water brought heavy flooding which caused Mocoa, Mulato and Sancoyaco rivers to over flow. This generated heavy mudslides in many parts of Mocoa, causing the death of many inhabitants, destruction of houses, bridges and razing everything along its path.  

17 neighbourhoods were destroyed, 5 of them was completely destroyed. At least 284 people have been reported dead, more than 400 injured and an undetermined number of missing persons. Faced with the number of wounded, the medical facilities have been overwhelmed. The avalanched knocked down the electricity network and affected the local hydroelectric generator, leaving most parts of the region without power. The national government has declared a state of emergency in the area.

In the midst of tragedy, pain and death, poverty becomes more intense. At the moment, there is a lack of food, water, power, gas and other basic necessities. Above all, there are pains, uncertainty and loneliness in the heart of the people. In the midst of all these, there have been small gestures of solidarity among the people who have come together to share each other’s pains….. the poor is always a brother to the poor.

The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation has maintained an evangelizing presence in the region since January 1992 when the first group of sisters arrived to take over the parish pastoral ministry of the Vicariate. Presently, the sisters coordinate the Evangelization programme with the “SINE” (System for the New Evangelisation) methodology at the diocesan level, the catechesis at the cathedral and pastoral support at the parish level.

A small group of sisters has been dispatched from the Bogota, the Provincial headquarters of the Congregation, to which Mocoa belongs, to assist the sisters on the ground and to be present with the people. During the Holy Week, other sisters will also arrive to strengthen and accompany the local families.

The Lord is inviting us TODAY to live in a concrete way

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Mocoa

In the midst of the mud…... poverty…… Death…… HOPE MUST BE REKINDELED!!!

All supports and donations are collated at the Provincial headquarters of the Congregation in Bogota. An account has been opened for this.

As a Congregation, we express our solidarity with the Province of Bogota, the community of sisters in Mocoa and the people of the Mocoa.

Thank you for being with us, we will continue to update you. We count on your prayers.

Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, Colombia-South America

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(5 April 2017)