Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Studies


The permanent Commission for the promotion of studies in the Order was created in the General Chapter of Quezon City in 1978. Its goal is to call the attention of the brothers to major doctrinal questions of the day and prepare them to dialogue with the modern world through research and study, but most especially research and study around questions proper to the intellectual world and culture. These all require planning of the permanent formation of the brothers, the coordination of professors and specialized institutions either on the regional or international level (AGC 1998, Bologna, no. 198). One must pay attention above all to the questions raised by the new generation. The promotion of studies in the Order necessarily implies attentiveness to the training of future professors and specialists (AGC 2001, Providence, no. 156).


fr Michael MASCARI
fr Bryan Louis KROMHOLTZ
fr Michal PALUCH
fr Jorge A. SCAMPINI
fr Emmanuel DURAND
fr Luis Javier Rubio GUERRERO
fr Gilles SOGLO




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