PIEF POST: A Cry for Eco-Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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PIEF POST: A Cry for Eco-Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dear members of the PIEF Core group and network partners,

Injustice is inherent in all of Israel's occupation’s policies and practices. Israel’s continuous violations of international law regarding preserving the environment in Palestine are a major challenge for Palestinians. Israeli violations include confiscating natural resources, destroying agricultural crops, uprooting trees, hindering developing vital infrastructure for Palestine, dumping all kinds of Wastes in Palestinians’ lands and polluting the groundwater through a system of a racial segregation, which violates of international law. Environmentalists cry out for eco-justice as part of the final status solutions.

Elsewhere, Palestinians are infuriated by the Israeli High Court’s decision to consider a leniency petition for a young man who was part of the killing of a 16-year old Palestinian boy. The Palestinian boy was kidnapped, beaten and then burned to death. One of the perpetrators is now claiming insanity. That the High Court is even considering the appeal has prompted Palestinians to cry foul. They say Israel is too lenient on Jewish offenders and overly harsh on Palestinians. It is unprecedented for the court to accept the insanity plea the day of the verdict, rather than during the subsequent appeal.

Meanwhile, Israel has dumped 27 people in prison under provisions of administrative detention. 17 of them received administrative orders for the first time; the remaining 10 others received renewed administrative detention orders. There are around 500 detainees serving administrative detention in several Israeli jails. Palestinian detainees have continuously resorted to open-ended hunger strikes as a way to protest their illegal administrative detention and to demand an end to this policy which violates international law.

Israel’s levels of tolerance for any kind of dissent, whether internal or from the international community, are glaring. Israel has warned the EU that it will suspend its contacts with European Union bodies involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians because the EU has chosen to issue EU guidelines on settlement products. Israel has long decried efforts by the movement to isolate it over policies towards Palestinians. The EU has been threatened with being isolated from the diplomatic processes. The EU must now re-examine itself. It is now going to pay the price for sitting on the fence for far too long while feigning keenness to find a solution. The EU’s main contribution to the conflict has consisted in paying the salaries of the subcontractors employed by the Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet internal security agency

Another setback. To the dismay of Palestinian Christians, the Palestinian Authority has asked municipalities to tone down their public Christmas celebrations this year amid escalating violence between Palestinians and Israelis. In the municipality of Bethlehem where Jesus was born and where official Palestinian celebrations of Christmas take place, celebrations will have to be muted. Ekram Juha, director of the Bethlehem mayor’s office, said “this is the place where Jesus was born and if you limit Christmas celebrations here you are limiting something spiritual and holy.

To conclude, we share with you an article in which a Norwegian official involved in Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution spells out why prevailing political structures and configurations cannot bring up a two-state solution. He argues that in Israel, “there is, to a great degree, dependency on the right-wing settlers' electoral base; in Palestine, there is an inherent political weakness of the Mahmoud Abbas regime given the fact that the president’s moderation offered no political gains for the Palestinians”.

Please read and disseminate widely.

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In solidarity,

Ranjan Solomon
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum
(03 December 2015)