Practical guide to « The Path of Saint Dominic»

In view of the Jubilee of the Order (1216-2016)


During the Jubilee year, different groups of pilgrims will visit the places connected with the life of Saint Dominic and the foundation of the Order, especially in Spain, France and Italy to explore “The Path of Dominic". This is a way of entering into contact with the sources of the Dominican spirituality and charisma.

Therefore, the Coordinator of the Jubilee, in collaboration with the provincial promoters of the Jubilee, has published a guide with practical information directed to pilgrims and visitors. There is a detailed list of places you can visit, means of transportation and contact persons. The online version of the Guide in English can be downloaded by clicking here.

The provinces, promoters and Dominican groups who wish to print and distribute the guide, can request for a ready-to-print file from the Coordinator of the Jubilee, fr Franklin Biutrago Rojas :


(23 April 2015)