The Preacher's Path to God: A Collection of Short Essays on Dominican Spirituality

The Preacher's Path to God: A Collection of Short Essays on Dominican Spirituality

Many books have already been published on the spirit of St. Dominic and so this book The Preacher's Path to God may seem superfluous. But then St. Dominic is such a marvellous saint and the path to God that he chalked out for his preacher-brothers is so captivating that no matter how many have attempted to write about him and his spiritual heritage in the past there will always be something more that still remains to be said. This is because the spirit of St. Dominic is like a deep mine: the more one searches the more one finds, and the more one finds the more one is led to search and explore further.

The many writings that are available complement each other to form one great Dominican corpus that tells about the man , St. Dominic, and the charism, vision, life-project and mission that he bequeathed to his Order which is the first missionary Order in the Church founded for the spread of the Christian faith and the salvation of souls through itinerant preaching.

So l thought that it might be of help if l put into print some of my thoughts on this most fascinating saint whose spirit and life­ project traces out for Gospel-preachers a tested and sure path to God.

The thoughts contained in the twenty-eight short essays in this five-part book inevitably overlap at times, but then a certain amount of repetition is always of help when trying to make a point more forcefully . Besides , each essay is a self­contained unit although there is one continuous thread of ideas running through them all.

Peter B. Lobo, OP, former novice master, major superior and  professor  of  systematic  theology  at  the  Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome is a member  of the Province  of India  and  has  lectured  and preached in India and other parts of the world . He edited and published The Genius of St. Dominic by M.-H. Vicaire, OP, Mirabilia Descripta by Jordan of Severac, OP,  and Dominican Ashram, a periodical on Dominican life and mission that served the English-speaking Dominican world for several years. His most recent book Walking with Saint Dominic was published in 2007

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(29 August 2016)