Preaching with the youth


The young are…

Luisa from Bogotá, who would like to study political science in the service of preaching to promote justice in her country.

Salvatore from Naples, who risks succumbing to the influence of drugs if no one helps him regain the sense of beauty that is buried in him.

Patrick from Yaoundé, who leads other young people in an education project for young children in the Faith.

Francesco from Turin, who longs for such a fraternity that transfigures the daily tasks of a layman.

Kevin from Chicago, who approaches the Order to ask for formation in preaching, for himself and his group of young adults.

Julie from Port-au Prince, who is experiencing extreme distress, that she has a chance of hope offered by friends of the group.

The young are… each of them. Day after day, they are waiting for the grace of the Word of God that the Order can share with them: a joy that is simple and always new.

“The Young…” a category that didn’t exist in the time of St Dominic.  And it is perhaps in this that the Order can draw its specific vocation to be, with them, a privileged “companion in sanctity”.  Too often, society isolates the young into groups, confines them to prolonged studies, sets them aside through a misguided pastoral aim and denies them access to responsibility.  But, Dominic called them and threw them, like adults, into the world and its debates, with extraordinary faith in them.  And, some became in their turn such leaders.

It is our Dominican vocation among the young: to believe in them, see the Faith in them and allow them to preach it with joy.



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