Priestly ordination of Brother Marcel AGALANI TCHEUKO, O.P.

On August 11, 2018, the priestly ordination of Brother Marcel AGALANI TCHEUKO, O.P. took place at the University parish of St. Thomas Aquinas in Douala. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Samuel KLEDA, Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala. Also present were his Excellency Bishop Richard APPORA, O.P. Bishop of Bambari (Central African Republic), Brother Jean Paul KAMAHEU, O.P, Vicar Provincial of the Provincial Vicariate of Equatorial Africa and representative of the Prior Provincial of France. In addition, the Dominican friars from the Vicariate, priests from elsewhere, some members of the Dominican family, the biological familyofBrotherMarcel,thefaithfuloftheuniversityparishandfriendsandacquaintancesparticipatedattheordination Mass.

After the proclamation of the Gospel, His Excellency Bishop Richard APPORA, O.P. in his homily, emphasized that the word of God must be studied,celebrated,andpreached.Hesaidthatapriestsharesinthepriesthood of the bishop. He should always be nourished by the word of God, the center anddrivingforceofhisministry.HethereforeurgedBrotherMarceltoputthe word of God above everything in order to be a fruitful pastor for the people to whom he will be sent. However, Bishop Richard APPORA emphasized that theannouncementofthewordofGodmayencounterobstacles,inhibitorsthat prevent it from being properly announced. However, these difficulties, he recalled, must in no way be obstacles to preaching because the Word of God must be announced in season and out of season. So all those who have made renouncements for the sake of Christ, he added, will be given a hundredfold. Brother Marcel AGALANI was invited to brave the difficulties inherent in his new ministry because it will bear muchfruit.


Before the final blessing, three

people were invited to speak. They were brothers Bernard NTAMACK, Jean-Paul KAMAHEU and Marcel AGALANI. In his statement, Brother Bernard reiterated the joy that dwelt among the Dominican friars especially those of the St. Joseph Convent of Douala to witness the ordination of a new priest. Brother Jean-Paul KAMAHEU, on the other hand, congratulated the new priest and invited all the family of the elected of the day, in the fè'fè language (brother Marcel's vernacular language), to acclaim the wonders of God realized in the life of Brother Marcel. Finally, Brother Marcel AGALANI expressed his joy at havingreceivedpriestlyordination.Inaddition,hethankedalltheDominican friars who ensured his religious formation and paid special gratitude to his biological family who accepted his choice and offered it to God. Finally, the latter solemnly blessed the wholeassembly.


After the final blessing and the taking of photographs, the faithful rejoiced warmly in the fraternal feasts organized by the family and the Dominican brothers of Douala.


Submitted by: Frs. Vidal MALONGA and Wilfried SINDEU