Profession and Jubilee at the Monastery of Rweza

The Monastery of Our Lady of Peace, Rweza, Burundi
Monastery of Our Lady of Peace, Rweza, Burundi

On Saturday the 17th of May 2014, the Monastery of Our Lady of Peace, Rweza, Burundi celebrated with joy and thanksgiving, the first profession of Sr. Consolata of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Silver Jubilee of Sr. M. Madeleine and the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Margarita Mariya in the Order of Preachers.

The ceremonies were presided over by His Excellency Stanislas KABURUNGU, Emeritus Bishop of Ngozi, along with 25 priest concelebrants. The Order was represented by our brothers from Bujumbura: Liboire KAGABO, Emmanuel NTAKARUTIMANA and Benjamin NGORORABANGA, superior of the community of Bujumbura; brother Clau LOMBRISER from Switzerland who came especially for the feast and our Dominican laity of Bujumbura. Several religious, members of our 3 families, friends and acquaintances were at the rendez-vous.

The Mass was preceded by a long procession. At the beginning of the Mass and during the homily, Bishop Stanislas expressed his joy for this day of celebration in Rweza. As an historian, he gave an outline of the story of the foundation of the Order by St Dominic, “a man who understood the value of prayer because before founding the Friars Preachers, he began by establishing the contemplative sisters,” he said. “Similarly, he continues, these sisters who live in this monastery, who never leave their cloister to go outside for the apostolate, live their life of prayer and intercession for all preachers of the Word of God throughout the world. Behold that two sisters today celebrate their 25 and 50 years of religious life in this Order and a young sister commits herself by her first profession. I ask you, he says to the whole assembly and insistently that nobody goes home without encountering, without seeing God for whom these sisters are here. They are the heart of our diocese, the Church and the world. "

After the profession of Sr. Consolata of  the Immaculate Heart of  Mary, Sr. Pascasie Mary Magdalene and  Sr. Margarita Mariya recited their prayer of thanksgiving for this gift that the Lord gave them of faithfulness over the past 25 and 50 years. This prayer was followed by their renewal of profession in the hands of the prioress. It was a very emotional moment. The assembly applauds for a long time and the choir breaks into songs of thanksgiving while the three sisters are embraced by all the priests and go to embrace their sisters in joy expressed through dance.

At the offertory, a procession of offerings carried in large and beautiful baskets for the occasion, on the head of the two Jubilerians accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of flowers carried by the young professed sister were brought to the altar.

After communion, there was a long time of thanksgiving followed by speeches for the occasion. Brother Liboire, on behalf of the Order and the community of nuns, expresses the joy for this feast at Rweza. He also gave an abbreviated history of the Order from Burundi to the Benin Republic. "The Order,” he said, “is present in Burundi since 1954 due to our nuns in Mureke. As the monastery was closed in 1968, three sisters among whom were Sr Margarita Mariya who celebrates her 50 years in the Order, Sr. Consolata who celebrated her 50 years of religious life 2 years ago and a third sister who died 4 years ago. It is in 1970, at their solemn profession that I knew them. I was studying in Switzerland. Later on, at the beginning of the foundation of Rweza in 1974, I came to see them and I even participated with my fellow seminarians in the construction of their monastery. Let us thank the Lord for the faithfulness of our two jubilee sisters and for the temporary profession of our younger sister. Let us pray that the sisters continue their vocation of prayer and intercession for the Church, for the Order and for the world. Let us pray also for the establishment of another monastery in the Benin Republic that the monastery of Rweza has just opened."

A member of the Dominican Laity and the representative of the families of our three sisters express their joy of this day of great celebration. The solemn blessing given by the Bishop with all the priests and the song of the Magnificat, concluded the ceremonies. There was fraternal meal in the courtyard of our hostelry.

Let us thank the Lord for his love is everlasting!    


Sr. Margarita Mariya du Sacré Cœur, op.

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(30 May 2014)