Promoting Studies in the Order

Meeting of the Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Study 19-21 April 2017
Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Study

The Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Studies held its annual meeting recently at Santa Sabina from 19-21 April. The Socius for Studies began the meeting with a report on studies in the Order and then provided a brief overview of the five academic institutions and convents under the Immediate Jurisdiction of the Master. Next, the coordinators of regents for Asia-Pacific, North America, Africa, and CIDALC gave reports on developments in their regions, with the Coordinator for CIDALC presenting the program of collaboration between the Faculty of Theology in Salamanca and the entities of Latin America through which brothers will be able to obtain the canonical license. The Socius then provided a brief report on the meeting of regents and provincials of Europe that took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2016, with a proposal for collaboration among the provinces and vice provinces of that region with regard to institutional formation.

Over the course of the three-day meeting, the Commission discussed the letter of the Master of the Order (25 March 2017) with his reflections on the Congress on Mission, and proposed a study guide for the provinces as a means for communities to reflect upon the Master’s vision of mission and its relationship to study. The commission also considered the centers of study in Africa and in Asia Pacific requested by the General Chapter of Bologna, the different ways that collaboration in study can take place within regions, including assistance to entities that do not have centers of institutional studies, the need to recruit and form professors for the provincial centers of study and the centers of study under the immediate jurisdiction of the Master, and the importance of developing a culture of study for the Order. Because three of the members of the Commission who were appointed by the Master in 2011 will conclude their six-year mandates on July 01, the commission suggested the names of various brothers who could succeed them.

Present at the meeting were fr. Jannel Abogado (Coordinator of regents for Asia-Pacific), fr. Paul Akin-Otiko (Coordinator of regents for Africa), fr. Pablo Sicouly (Coordinator for the region of CIDALC), fr. Anto Gavric (Coordinator of regents for Europe), fr. Bryan Kromholtz (Coordinator of regents for North America) and two of the members appointed directly by the Master of the Order, fr. Benoît-Dominique de la Soujeole and fr. Michal Paluch. fr. Jorge Scampini was unable to attend.  fr. Michael Mascari, the Socius for Studies presided. The next meeting of the Commission will take place on 18-20 April 2018.


(25 April 2017)