Prophetic Voices: a New Future for the Las Casas Institute for Social Justice

 Las Casas Institute for Social Justice

In response to the urgent social, political and economic challenges facing the global community, the Las Casas Institute at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, is launching a series of major initiatives over the next five years.

In addition to the existing special lectures and one-day conferences such as the highly successful colloquium Truth-Telling and Politics held last December, this year sees two new long-term research projects on Human Dignity, and Economics as a Moral Science (introduced below by their Programme Directors). In future years, these will be joined by research programmes in Migration, and Poverty in the United Kingdom.

This research will be complemented by a new Associate Members Programme, bringing together academics and practitioners of social justice from around the world, and by a new Outreach Programme involving Dominican parishes and schools.

To achieve this will mean employing new researchers, hosting additional events, increasing our presence on the internet, collaborating with other academic institutions and publishers, and ensuring that all these activities are properly resourced.

A basic level of funding has already been given or pledged by individual benefactors and grant-awarding bodies for the period 2016–2021. Further significant sums will need to be raised.

You are invited to find out more by visiting the Las Casas website or contacting the Director, Fr Richard Finn OP (


(03 March 2017)