Provincial Day in the Province of Toulouse

Provincia de Toulouse Jornadas Provinciales

The Province of Toulouse met at the end of August for its Provincial Day celebrations which were held at Sainte-Baume and Saint-Maximin. The purpose of these gathering was, above all, a fraternal meeting because some brothers had not seen each other for more than 20 years. But the intellectual aspect could not be missed at such an event that brought together more than a hundred brothers.

The various conferences / discussions were organized around the theme: "Free eyes on Islam". Without being exhaustive on this issue, the various speakers (Fr. Emmanuel Pisani, Fr. Claude Gilliot, Fr. Adrien Candiart, Fr. Jean-Marie Mérigoux, Fr. François Jourdan, Mons. Jean-Marc Aveline, Mr. François Burgat) allowed the brothers to study some facets of Islam with an open and benevolent look on a subject that can naturally polarize.

One of these conferences took place in the old room of the Chapel of the Royal Convent at Saint-Maximin, followed by the Vespers at the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene and the procession with the litany of the Dominican saints. That day mass was celebrated at the monastery of the sisters who spoiled their brothers at the end of the celebration with a festive meal.

The provincial day celebrations were unanimously appreciated and the good, fraternal, peaceful and joyful atmosphere - particularly also thanks to the friendly evening organized by the students of the province - contributed to the success and the realization of a "holy preaching".


(19 September 2017)