The Provincial Vicariate of Angola has a new Vicar

fr. José Sebastião Paulo, op

The Provincial Vicariate of Angola held its General Assembly from 7 to 12 December 2014 at Saint Thomas Aquinas community, the new house of the Brothers in Luanda, Angola. On December 8, 2014 Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Brothers elected fr. José Sebastião Paulo, op as their new Vicar Provincial for the next four years. He takes over from fr. Miguel Chacachama, op. The Provincial of Portugal, fr. Pedro Fernandes, op who took part in the Assembly confirmed the election and fr. José (Ze) has accepted.

The Assembly elected three Counsellors of the Vicariate and other officials were appointed to form the new Council of the Vicariate as follow:

fr. José Sebastião Paulo, op : Vicar Provincial

fr. Adriano Francisco Quizembe, op : Socius

fr. Celino João Chitapa, op : Counsellor and Syndic

fr. Marmiliano Keyse Naufila, op : Counsellor and Promoter of Vocations

fr. Boaventura Sapalo Cordeiro, op : Counsellor and Delegate to the Secretariat of Dominican Family

fr. Miguel Gabriel Chacachama, op : (former Vicar), Students Master

fr. Julio Gonçalves Candeeiro, op : Promoter of Studies

Two others Brothers were also appointed but are not members of the Vicariate Council: fr. Mário Rui as Promoter of Justice and Peace of the Vicariate (re-appointed) and fr. Agostinho Lumati, op as deputy Promoter of Justice and Peace.

We do congratulate our Brothers and wish a fruitful tenure to the new team.

fr. Gabriel Samba, O.P.

(2 January 2015)